Kathina Alms Giving Festival

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Date(s) - Nov 04 2017
9:45 am - 1:30 pm

Dakkhina Dhammatthala Vihara Christies Beach


To be eligible for a Katina robe, there should have been 5 Bhikkhunis staying here, whereas we are lucky to have even one Bhikkhuni! However, the people are still free to have an “Alms Giving Festival” to support and celebrate their one Bhikkhuni. Since it is the wish of the people to do so, then we can and will have a festival on
Saturday November 4th at 9.45am.

Lunch Dana will be offered to the Monks and Nuns followed by a community shared meal. Please bring a plate to Share. We will begin the day with little Katina Parade with a decorated Umbrella over the cloth offering, which also represents all of the gifts given to the Sangha on this day. After the parade we will have some chanting followed by a Dhamma Talk and friendly discussion.

What is Katina?
The traditional three-month rains-retreat seclusion of Buddhist Saṅgha is followed by Kaṭhina robe and alms offering festival. The katina tradition began when Visakha Migaramātā saw the monks in tattered and worn robes. She asked permission of the Buddha to offer new robes to the monks, and the Buddha granted her request.

The Buddha said:
“The donor,
before giving,  is glad;
while giving, is inspired;
and after giving, is gratified.
These are the three factors of the donor…”
AN 6.37

This year’s sponsors are Ganga and Udayanga. 

What to offer:
If you would like to offer a gift for this year’s Kathina, the nuns would like to upgrade the cushions in the meditation hall. For maximum comfort for our meditators, we would like buckwheat ‘zafu’ meditation cushions. For ease of cleaning a dark, monastic appropriate colour such as maroon or brown would be preferred. No patterns please. Either round or crescent shaped are fine. See examples below.

These cushions are available at www.stretchnow.com.au Purchases from other high quality suppliers are also fine.

Smaller items

  • USB sticks or external hard drives
  • Plastic storage containers with lids (20L and 50L)
  • Gillette Fusion razor blades
  • Nail clippers

We have plenty of towels. Please do not offer towels. 

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