1. Bringing in teachers from various locations, national and international, for the benefit of Dhamma instruction for members.
  2. Facilitating the hosting of various Dhamma educational programs.
  3. Providing requisite support for the resident Sangha in BSSA viharas.
  4. Maintaining facilities used for the propagation of the Buddh’s teachings.
  5. The right to borrow books from the BSSA library.
  6. Discounted rates or earlybird registration on BSSA run meditation retreats.
  7. Receive regular updates via email in regards to the latest retreats, or schedule changes.  Be among the first to know about what is happening at the BSSA.

Applying for Membership:

There are the following types of membership:

  • Associate Member
    This type of membership is open to all who are supportive of the aims and objectives of the Society. Associate members do not have voting rights and are ineligible to be office bearers of the society.
  • Full Member
    This is open to practicing Buddhists who have taken refuge in the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha and who undertake training in the Five Precepts. Full memberships are subject to endorsement by our spiritual director or one of our recognised monastics.


Privacy Statement
The Buddhist Society of South Australia takes its privacy obligations seriously and will use all reasonable care to secure and protect any personal information collected. The information that we gather from you is used in administering the services that we provide. We will not use the information for other purposes or pass it on to any third party without your consent except as required by law.

Membership Application

Please note, membership applications are NOT instant.
They are manually approved and may take 24hrs or longer depending on payment method.

Membership Costs

Waged: $30
Unwaged: $20

Payments can be made by Bank Transfer, Credit Card (via Paypal) or PayPal.
(Choose Bank Transfer if you wish to send us a cheque)

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