Regular Mindfulness School comes to Crafers from 1st March

We are pleased to be able to present the Sati Pasala Mindfulness School program here in Adelaide for the benefit of our children and our community. This program has been developed by the Venerable Dhammajiva Thero together with the Sati Pasala foundation, and rolled out across all schools in Sri Lanka in the interest of speading the benefits of mindfulness across the world.

Sati Pasala International Mindfulness School

The Mindfulness school program  begins with introductory instructions about the nature of mindfulness and how to do walking meditation and sitting meditation. Then the students will engage in walking meditation practice followed by sitting meditation practice. A Mindful games segment not only teaches how to bring mindfulness into our daily lives, but it also keeps the lessons fun. A period for reflection and feedback completes the Sati Pasala program of 2 hours.

You are invited to bring your children to participate in our Mindfulness School that will be held almost fortnightly on Sunday mornings between 9am and 11am in the Community Hall at the Crafers Sri Lanka Temple.

In 2018 we offered a shortened 1.5 hour version of the Mindfulness School at UniSA City West Campus. This time around, we are pleased to offer a fuller program of 2 hours to include the mindful games segment as well as an easier enrolment process. Also we will be offering it more often; fortnightly rather than monthly, but only during school term time.

The School will take a break during the school holidays and other significant times such as the Vesak celebration month of May.

Also note that due to being located in the Adelaide Hills, should there be an Extreme Fire Danger declared for the Crafers area by the CFS, the school will be closed in response, for the saftey of all.

Book Here to secure a place for your child

DATES for Mindfulness School Sunday mornings  9am – 11am
1st        March
22nd    March
April School Holidays
Vesak17th     May
31st     May
14th     June
28th     June
July School Holidays
9th       August
23rd     August
6th       September
20th     September
Sept/Oct School Holidays
18th     October
1st        November
15th     November
29th     November

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