Remembering the Blessed one Rolling Forth the Wheel of Dhamma

Remembering the Blessed one Rolling Forth the Wheel of Dhamma

Dear Friends in the Dhamma,

We are delighted to invite you a presentation of  Dhamma in English and Pali at the Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara.

This Dhamma talk will be held on this Friday, October 20, 2023, at 7:30 PM within the peaceful confines of the ASBV Vihara at 8 James st Crafers.
with: Ayya Santacārī Bhikkhunī     
Topic: Dhammachakkappavattana Sutta

For those who cannot join us in person, you can connect in via Zoom at
Meeting ID: 826 5664 4537
Passcode: 167926

The very first teaching that the Buddha ever gave was the Rolling Forth the Wheel of Dhamma. A teaching called Dhammacakkappavattanasutta in the Pali scritural language.

We will chant this auspicious and meritorious teaching in English together.with Ayya Santacārī Bhikkhunī leading the chanting in English. The text will be provided on the screen and also as a chanting book for each person.  The electronic version of the chanting book is found here at this link.

After reciting the words together we will sit quietly for a few moments to allow the meaning into our hearts.

Then Ayya will discuss her favourite parts of the sutta and invite the devotees to share any special insight or feeling for the teaching they may have experienced while chanting.

in conclusion the opportunity to chant the sutta in pali together will be offered.
it has been suggested that a portion of the sutta only be chanted, but perhaps we might acheive the whole thing.

We extend a warm and respectful invitation to all of you to join and participate in this meaningful sermon🌺
මෙම ධර්ම දේශනය ZOOM මාධ්‍ය  ඔස්සේද ඉදිරිපත් කරන බව කරුණාවෙන් සලකන්න.

Please note that this sermon will also be presented through ZOOM media.

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Meeting ID: 826 5664 4537
Passcode: 167926

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