Adelaide Meditation:

Tuesday 1pm:  UniSA City West, Law Building. Enter via Hindley Street.
Learn to meditate and guided meditation.

Christies Beach Meditation & Dhamma Classes:

These classes are held at our Vihara; Dakkhina Dhammatthala
79 Davis Ave, Christies Beach. Enter via rear.


Wednesday 7pm
Learn to meditate and Guided Meditation
Great for beginners.

Saturday 3pm
Learn to meditate and guided meditation.
Beginners Welcome.

Saturday 4pm
Dhamma Discussion.
Discussion on the teachings of the Buddha and their application to our lives.

Saturday 5.30pm
Meditation Sitting Group.
For people with some experience meditating

Saturday 6.45pm
Sutta Study Group

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 All teachings are in English by Venerable Santacari Bhikkhuni and offered for free.
Dhamma is priceless. However your support of the BSSA will ensure that we can continue to support the SA Theravadan monastic community.