What did the Buddha himself actually say?

What did the Buddha himself actually say?

Join us as we read teachings of the Buddha from the Tripitika

The precious Dhamma, as expounded by the Buddha, penetrates deeply into the workings of mind. These explanations as found in the Suttas are both inspiring and allow us to delve deeper into our Dhamma practice.

Although the Buddha lived and taught many people 2600 years ago, his kind messages and wise advices are still relevant to us. Enjoy reading his words, sharing your thoughts and having fun with dhamma friends on Thursday evenings from 6pm,

Make yourself comfortable in the space of your own home and join us via Zoom as Ayya Santacari leads discussion on different Suttas each week. You may wish to invite family members to sit with you or just arrive by yourself and a cup of tea. Either way, you will be with a group of like minded Dhamma practioners journeying on the path to liberation.

The sessions will be conducted in English

This group will look at the “Suttas” or discourses which are the Buddhist texts attributed directly to the Buddha
The group is suitable for everyone from those who are curious about or new to Buddhism to those who have been practicing Buddhism for many years
There will be opportunity for sharing of personal experiences and discussing how these teachings can be applied to our lives today
These are free sessions and anyone who is interested may join in for one or all of the sessions
We give thanks to Ayya Santacari for her devotion and service to the community


Oct 12, 2023 06:00 PM   First Week,  we will look at the first 2 or 3 Dhammapada verses.
Intention shapes experiences;intention is first,
they’re made by intention.
If with corrupt intentyou speak or act,
suffering follows you,like a wheel, the ox’s foot. (Dhp1)

Oct 19, 2023 06:00 PM   Second week, old favourites, Majjima Nikaya 19 and 20
before my awakening—when I was still unawakened but intent on awakening—
I thought: ‘Why don’t I meditate by continually dividing my thoughts into two classes?’(MN19)

Oct 26, 2023 06:00 PM    Third week,  finish MN 19 & 20,  quick look at MN 21
Even if low-down bandits were to sever you limb from limb with a two-handled saw,
anyone who had a malevolent thought on that account would not be following my instructions.  (MN21)

Nov 2, 2023 06:00 PM      Fourth week, Queen Malika   MN87   AN5.49  and SN3.8
“Having explored every quarter with the mind,
one finds no-one dearer than oneself.
Likewise for others, each holds themselves dear;
so one who loves themselves would harm no other.” (SN3.8)

Nov 9, 2023 06:00 PM  Fifth week, Singala Sutta
“What six drains on wealth do they avoid?
Habitually engaging in the following things is a drain on wealth: drinking
alcohol; roaming the streets at night; frequenting festivals; gambling; bad
friends; laziness.” (DN31)

Nov 16, 2023 06:00 PM
“And what is the harmonious community? The community in which the monks
dwell in concord, harmoniously, without disputes, blending like milk and
water, viewing each other with eyes of affection: this is called the
harmonious community.
“These are the two kinds of communities {divided and harmonious}. Of these
two kinds of communities, the harmonious community is foremost.” (AN 2.43)

Nov 23, 2023 06:00 PM  Metta and the Brahma viharas, the four heavenly states.
(Snp 8,1)

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