Happy New Year 2022 and welcome to our new look website

Happy New Year 2022 and welcome to our new look website

Happy New Year 2022 and welcome to our new look website

Ayya is happy to be back in Adelaide after enjoying a brief visit to the BSWA in Perth and we are all wishing everyone a happy and safe new year.  May the good deeds of the past bear great fruit for you now. May 2022 be filled with your on-going good deeds and the long lasting happiness they will bring us.  We have also worked on giving our website a much needed upgrade. The Lamahewa family have worked on the security and Ayy has been updating the look. We hope you like it

We were looking forward to starting 2022 with bringing back the regular schedule of activities at the Christies Beach vihara. And now with the 3rd wave of covid the government encouraging us to stay home where possible.  So what to do?

One or two people coming here at atime along with reasonable social distancing has served us well for the last two years, so we will continue that policy at this time. With any luck we should be able to reintroduce the full program here in February.

In the mean time, Ayya will host a practice discussion via Zoom at the time of the usual Thursday morning group starting this Thursday January 6th.  9.30 is still a good time for 1 or 3 people to arrive in person as usual and the Zoom people can join us at 10.00 am when we are settled.

Santacari Bhikkhuni is inviting you to a Zoom Dhamma discussion.

Thursday Morning 13th Jan
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 763 0920 5437
Passcode: F3PaH1

10.00 am  Dhamma & Practice Discussion on Zoom
Guided Meditation available on request

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