Useful Things or Pirikara for Dana as at 19/01/22

Useful Things or Pirikara for Dana as at 19/01/22

Ayya Santacari is often asked what useful things could be brought for her and her mother.

Here you will find information about things that are needed now, used daily, used regularly or used ocassionally. We will work on keeping it up to date.

Useful Things List or Pirikara for Dana

needed now,

Eucalyptus oil

used daily,

full cream milk
fresh banannas
farmers union ice coffee
fresh juice (when possible)

used regularly

baby spinach
fresh coriander
fresh tomatoes

Frozen dumplings (Mr Chen brand)
Hash Browns (Birdseye)
cereals (eg: crunch nut cornflakes, puffed wheat, sultana bran, oats) (currently we have good stocks of these)
ticktock biscuits

earth choice toilet cleaner
earth choice laundry liquid (for clothes)
toilet paper

replace ocassionally.

coffee beans (used every day, but needs replenishing only ocassionaly)
unscented body wash
antiseptic liquid hand soap

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