Kathina at Dhammatthala

Kathina at Dhammatthala

You are invited to our Nun’s Kathina 18th October 2020

Please join us in offering food and gifts to the Sangha and then share in all of the food together that everone has brought.

The annual Kathina Festival celebrates the end of the Vassa 

At the time of the Buddha the monsoon season was a time when monastic stayed in one place and did not travel. During the month following the end of Vassa, monasteries are allowed to hold a Kathina festival where the supporters provide the monks and nuns with things they need for the coming year.  This year’s major gifts and this year’s festival are sponsored by Prasad, Charitha and Malinda.

Sponsor Printing the New Pali English chanting Book

Venerable Bhikkhuni Santacari has compiled a chanting book in Pali and English of the chants most commonly chanted at the Vihara. We have the meritorious opportunity to contribute to the printing up of these books. The cost of printing is $5.05 per book, if you would like to sponsor the printing of one or more chanting books for the vihara or for yourself to take home, please donate the money into the BSSA bank account and you can pick up your copies here on the day at Kathina.
For example: You may wish to have 1 copy for your family and to donate 4 copies to the vihara, so you would deposit $25 into this account:

BSB 633-000 (Bendigo Bank)
A/C no: 1600 59 499
Buddhist Society of South Australia Inc.

If you make your deposit befor October 9th, Charitha will be collecting some of the newly printed copies for wrapping and presentation and you may be able to pick up your copies from her.
You can see and download the pdf version here if you wish to have a digital copy.

During the parade we place the major gifts of trays and with flags and umbrellas we parade from the park along the street to the Vihara. Do join us and join in our little parade.

Kathina 2020,  October 18th 10 am
Parade :           10 am (arrive for 9.30 please)
Puja Chanting: 10.30am
Dana (Lunch):   11 am – 12 pm
Dhamma Talk    – after dana

Please contact, Charitha on 0469 209 593 
She is coordinating the food and gifts list,
so please let her know what dish of food you will like to bring to share with everyone

This year our Resident Bhikkhuni attains 5 Vassas, becoming a majjhima Bhikkhuni and it also marks her 10 years in robes as a renunciate. Congratulations Bhante. 

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