NZ Bhikkhunis need our Help

NZ Bhikkhunis need our Help

Please Help Establish a Sanctuary for Bhikkhunis in New Zealand

Dear Friends in Dhamma, I would like to tell you about an excellent Bhikkhuni born in NZ, who is well trained, well practiced, virtuous, diligent and kind. It was my great good fortune to meet Venerable Ayya Adhimutti at her Pabbajjā (novice ordination) under her teacher Ayya Tathaloka Maha Theri, at Santi Forest Monastery in NSW.

In 2010 Ayya Adhimutti ordained as a bhikkhuni (Upasampadā) with Venerable Ayya Tathaaloka Maha Theri as her preceptor and Bhante Henepola Gunaratana as the Ovadakacariya.

  at Aranya Bodhi Bhikkhuni Hermitage California

You can read more about Venerable Adhimutti’s ordination and about some of the other Bhikkhunis trained by Ayya Tathaloka Maha Theri, here at their hermitage blogspot.

In 2011 when Ayya was home for a time in Hamilton NZ, the seed was planted for her to one day establish a Bhikkhuni Centre in Hamilton. Over the subsequent years, Ayya’s vision consolidated whilst she pursued meditation and dhamma study. The visit to NZ of Venerable Ayya Tathaaloka Mahatheri in 2012 and again 2017 provided further stimulus. Following Ayya Adhimutti’s return to NZ in March 2021 and with encouragement from the Waikato Compassion Meditation Centre, she is now ready to bring her vision into reality.

The NZ Bhikkhuni Sangha Trust was established in 2012 by a group of lay people inspired by  Venerables Ayya Medhanandi Bhikkhuni, Ayya Tathaloka and Ayya Adhimutti.
The Trust is a registered charity in NZ.

They are in the process of purchasing a property, where Venerable Ayya Adhimutti Theri hopes to live.
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NZBST needs your support Pamphlet

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Charity Registration Number:  CC52798

A few words from Venerable Ayya Adhimutti Theri

Throughout the ages, people have sought places of refuge to engage in deep meditative practice – quieting their minds and opening their hearts for the sake of others as well as themselves. Some have sought to become monastics, to dedicate themselves to contemplative practice and a life of service. For example, in the time of the Buddha and for centuries afterward, men and women were ordained as bhikkhus and bhikkhunis.

Unfortunately, full ordination for women in the Theravada (South East Asian) branch of Buddhism gradually died out. Consequently, the support that would enable them to give themselves full-time to monastic life and deep practice has been greatly restricted and often denied.

To help remedy this situation, the New Zealand Bhikkhuni Sangha Trust (NZBST), a registered charity in New Zealand, is establishing the first meditation hermitage for bhikkhunis (fully ordained female monastics) in that country. The first step is to purchase a residence in Hamilton, where monastic women can live, practice, and offer teachings to the community.

Through the generous support of donors, we have paid the deposit and secured most of the funds to purchase a house in Hamilton. However, we require additional funding ($45 000 US) to establish our residence.

We hope you will find it in your heart to help us.
This is a historic step! Please go to our webpage to learn more:
And please share this appeal with others who might be interested.

In America, please make your tax-deductible charitable donation via the Alliance For Bhikkhunis.
For other countries please donate either via our Givealittle Page or directly to the New Zealand Bhikkhuni Sangha Trust (tax deductible in NZ). Your help will make a real difference in supporting full access to Buddhist practice for women. And it will make a profound difference to all those who come to this hermitage, and to all those whose lives they touch. With respect and gratitude, New Zealand Bhikkhuni Sangha Trust If you have any questions, please contact:

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