Vesak at Dhammatthala May 30th 2021

Vesak at Dhammatthala May 30th 2021

Vesak Celebrations at Dakkhina Dhammatthala
Christies Beach Nun’s Vihara
Sunday May 30th 2021

Dear Dhamma friends,
Please join us at Dhammatthala Vihara, 79 Davis Avenue Christies Beach, for a lovely day of food, friends, and Dhamma.
we will hold our Vesak Lunch  and celebration on

Sunday 30th May from 10.30 am

This year we have as our very special guests, the  senior monk from the Adelaide Buddhist Vihara, Bhante Sumedha Thero and his companion Bhikkhu Venerable Visudhirattana. We are also glad that Samaneri Pasanna will also be our guest for Vesak lunch this year.


8 or 9 am – helpers and volunteers arrive early to help set up.
– please let Ayya know if you intend to help out.
10:00  –  arrive and donate your plate of food to the table
10:30  –  puja and chanting
11.00  – Dana and lunch
12.00 –  Dhamma talk
1.00  –  Pirit chantinng
1.30   –   cleanup,

Vesak Celebrations are also happening at ASBV, the Sri Lankan Temple at 8 James St. Crafers :

Vesak program: Sunday 22nd May 10.30 am – Lunch Dana.
Evening Lantern parade from 4pm on Sunday 30th May

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