First of Four Noble Truths.

Saturday 6.30pm BSSA on BSSA YouTube channel

The request has been made to Ayya to discuss the Noble 8-Fold Path. Since this is the Fourth of the 4 Noble Truths, Ayya felt that begining at the First Noble Truth and working through them, would lead naturally to the Path.

What did the Buddha say about the 4 Noble Truths?
in his book “the Word of the Buddha” first published in 1906, Venerable Nyanatiloka brings together with references, what exactly the Buddha said on the topic and in which Sutta.

So over the next few weeks we will go through this book, also looking at the modern translations provided on

For the First Noble Truth, ven Nyanatiloka, begins with exerpts from DN 22 The Mahasatipatthana Sutta (4th section dhammanusati) where the Buddha defines the term “Dukkha”.
The final definition of Dukkha is the five groups of existence (khandas) are suffering. Therefore the next sutta MN 109, defines what is meant by the five groups or aggregates of existence.

we will browse through these two Suttas this Saturday and see if we can improve our understanding of the First Noble Truth. Where possible we will also reflect on how this suffering manifests in our own lives.

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