The Ending of Suffering

Saturday July 17th, 6.30pm BSSA on BSSA YouTube channel

Following on from reviewing the First Noble Truth by looking at Suttas DN22 and MN1, Ayya Santacari discussed the Second Noble Truth by looking at Suttas DN22 and MN13.

This week Ayya continues the series with the Third Noble Truth: The Ending of Suffering. We will continue to be guided by Venerable Nyanatiloka’s Word of the Buddhawhich can be found at

For the Third Noble Truth, ven Nyanatiloka, again begins with exerpts from DN 22 The Mahasatipatthana Sutta. 
The venerable then uses three excerpts from Samyutta Nikaya chapter 12 and 2 from Anguttara Nikaya chapter 3 along with several others.
SN 12.66
SN 12.43
SN 12.30
AN 3.32
AN 3.55

we will browse through some of these Suttas next Saturday and see if we can improve our understanding of the Third Noble Truth. Where possible we will also reflect on how this suffering manifests in our own lives.

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