Mindfulness School at UniSA Sunday 15th July

Please join us for mindful walking, mindful sitting and mindful reflection time. A marvelous opportunity to learn how to practice mindfulness.

Sunday the 15th of July at 2.00pm for children and 3.45pm for teens and Adults.
In the Forum space of the Jeffrey Smart Building.

Please note that we will be starting the adult & teen program at 3.45pm to allow for change-over between classes.

We are very glad that you have taken this opportunity to share the Buddha’s Dhamma practice of Mindfulness Meditation.  We are also glad to be able to use the curricula and program developed by Ven Dhammajiva Thero and promoted through the Sati Pasala Foundation.

There are still spaces available so if you would like to join us you can book in using the links below:

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