Mindfulness School on this weekend at UniSA Sunday April 15th

Mindfulness School on this weekend at UniSA Sunday April 15th

Welcome again all the people who have booked into our BSSA Mindfulness School.

On behalf of the Buddhist Society of South Australia and myself I would like to welcome you all back to our April class. This month the 1st of April fell on Sunday and so the third Sunday of the month feels very early in the month  -coming on the 15th of April. It almost caught me out!

We are very glad that you have taken this opportunity to share the Buddha’s Dhamma practice of Mindfulness Meditation.  We are also glad to be able to use the curricula and program developed by Ven Dhammajiva Thero and promoted through the Sati Pasala Foundation. It is proposed that a Sati Pasala organisation should be established in Australia to manage standards and legal requirements at the National level. If you would like to participate in that kind of  activity, please contact Ayya Santacari who will be more than happy to bring you onto the team.

This Sunday the 15th of April at 2.00pm for children and 3.30pm for teens and Adults.
In the Forum space of the Jeffrey Smart Building.
There are still spaces available so if you would like to join us you can book in here:

Book in for children
Book in for teens and adults

It is very easy to find.
It is a brand new huge glass building on the West end of Hindley street right next to the still under construction Pridham Hall, which is also a huge glass building with a garden on the roof.

Go between the two buildings as shown by my squiggly red arrow in the picture below.
Then you will see the door
Right in front of the door is the Forum space, just walk across the foyer and behind the glass partition.

We have a very packed program, so please be early or on-time.

To help the children get the most out of the program I have decided upon a very strict policy concerning the parents, which is; if you sit in, you join in.

So if you want to stay you will be expected to participate in the program and follow the instructions and guidance of the teacher (myself) and my team: Janie and Angela.

If you don’t wish to participate, that is OK  But we request you to please leave the space.
It is very distracting for both the children and the teachers to have parents chatting in the background.

I look forward to seeing you and your children on Sunday
wishing you all good health and happiness
Ayya Santacari Bhikkhuni

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