Pindapat in Adelaide

Pindapat in Adelaide

On the 3rd Friday of the month Venerable Santacārī and Sister Pasanna along with monks from the Adelaide Sri Lankan Buddhist Vihāra at Crafers will be on pindapata through the city. Starting at the Adelaide railway station and travelling via King William St, Rundle Mall, Pultney St and North Terrace, the pindapata will finish at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

The monastics will practice walking silently, mindfully, slowly, with senses guarded, not soliciting donations and not proselytizing. Money is not accepted. Whoever wishes to offer food may approach or invite them to pause on the street or at a house or shop.

How to offer food
Many people have never offered alms food on pindapat before and would like to know how and what to offer. Any hot or cold food that can be eaten from their bowls is welcome by the monastics. The nuns will accept both vegetarian and non-vegetarian offerings, the monks would prefer vegetarian food. Traditionally items such as curry, rice and fruit are offered but more recently chips, sandwiches, salads and even ice cream are often offered as alms food.

The monastics will walk along the designate route and if you would like to offer food please signal to them you have something to offer. They will stop and lift the lid on their bowls allowing you to place items in each of their bowls. Please try not to bash any cutlery on the bowls.

If you wish, you may then follow the pindapat to the Botanic Gardens for a blessing chant and short Dhamma reflection.

The Route and Schedule

The monks and nuns will depart from Adelaide Railway Station at 10.30am and slowly walk to the Schoenburgk Pavillion (near the garden centre) in the center of the Botanic Gardens arriving around 11.20am. A brief blessing chant and dhamma reflection will be performed before the meal is eaten. You are welcome to stay and talk with the nuns after lunch.

Depart: 10.30am Adelaide Railway Station

Arrive: 11.20am (aprox) Adelaide Botanic Gardens

via: North Terrace, King William Street, Rundle Mall, Pultney Street and North Terrace

Click here to view the route map


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