Rains Retreat 2017

Beginning the day after the full-moon of Asalha month (around July every year), Theravada Buddhist monastics are required to observe Vassana or ‘Rains Retreat’ for a duration of 3 months.  The Vassana period from July to the Vassāna month (October, this year) corresponds with the monsoon season in South and Southeast Asia (which were historically Buddhist strongholds), thus making traveling very difficult and even dangerous.  In Adelaide the rain has arrived right on time and the nuns couldn’t be happier to stay ‘in’.

The tradition of ‘Rains Retreat’ was started by the Buddha in the year 588 BCE. Around 60 monks learned and practised Dhamma intensively under the direct guidance of the Buddha; at the end of which, all 60 bhikkhus (monks) had attained the highest spiritual fruit of Arahantship.

Saturday 8th of July marks the Asalha Puja (July full moon) and will also be the day we officially welcome Venerable Sayalay Upekkha into our community with a shared dāna.

Sunday 9th of July is our final daylong meditation day until after vasa. The nuns will enter into rains on this day and share this experience with the group. Places are all booked out already.

Rains retreat: July 9th to October 5th
During the rains retreat Ayya Santacari and Sister Pasanna will be focussing on deepening their practice with formal meditation, cultivating stillness, compassion and wisdom. During this time they will not be leaving the vihara or teaching. However, you are welcome to visit to offer lunch dāna and practice silent meditation during this period.

Supporting the community during vasa
If you would like to offer lunch Dāna to the community, please check our dāna roster here. You may offer food in person or order food to be delivered. You should arrive no later than 10.45am if offering food in person. Deliveries may be made on the day or the night before if the food can be easily reheated. Please call (between 10am-11am or 6pm-6.30pm) or text (any time) 0401 080 953 to let us know you would like to offer food.

Classes during the retreat period
During the rains period the schedule for meditation will be reduced to Tuesday and Saturday sessions only. During these times our guest Venerable Upekkha from the Pa Auk Meditation Centre in Myanmar will be present and may share her experience of 20 years meditating with Adelaide meditators.

Contacting the Society during rains retreat
Emails will be answered between 5-7 days. If it’s urgent please call 0401 080 953 between 9.30am and 10.30am.
Thank you for your support.

Enquiries regarding the Patrick Kearney 7 day retreat will be answered within 3–5 days.

Katina Alms Giving Festival
November 4th. 10.30am-3pm
Activities will include: Parade, shared meal, chanting and a Dhamma talk.
More details -click here.